MSN – Not Only Search Engine

Some people only know MSN as search engine, but MSN is not only search engine MSN. MSN is one of the most popular portals on the Internet, rivaling both Yahoo! and America Online for number of users. If you want to know other MSN services here is the list.

When you click the link for MSN’s News channel, you’re taken directly to the
site of Microsoft’s news-gathering partner MSNBC ( MSNBC
is one of the premier news sites on the Web, assembling stories and reports from
NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, Newsweek, and the Washington Post.

2. Sports
MSN gets its sports news from ESPN ( ESPN is such a great
site that I devote an entire chapter to it—turn to Chapter 12 to learn more.

3. Travel
MSN’s travel services are provided by Expedia ( Expedia is
such a great site that I devote an entire chapter to it—turn to Chapter 19 to learn

4. City Guides
MSN’s City Guides channel ( is powered by Citysearch, the
Web’s premier provider of local information for major cities. Just enter your
city’s name or Zip code to display your local guide. Each local guide contains
events listings, restaurant listings and reviews, sports information, traffic
reports, TV listings, and a whole lot more.

5. Yellow Pages
MSN’s Yellow Pages channel ( is powered by Super, one of the largest providers of business listings in the U.S. You can
use the Yellow Pages channel to search the directory by category
or business name; you can also search for businesses within a specific distance
of a given location.

6. White Pages
MSN’s White Pages channel is powered by InfoSpace (,
one of the largest providers of such information on the Web. You can use the
White Pages channel to search InfoSpace’s extensive database of personal
names, addresses, and phone numbers—and even conduct reverse phone number

7. Careers
MSN’s Careers channel ( is powered by Monster, the Internet’s
largest job search site. You can use the Careers channel to post your resume
online and search the Monster database of more than 800,000 available jobs.

8. Dating & Personals
MSN’s Dating & Personals channel ( is powered by,
the Internet’s largest personal ad site. You can place your own ad, or search the database for matches in your area. There’s lots of dating tips and
advice, and even a section for gay and lesbian dating.

9. Games
MSN’s Games channel ( is powered by, a separate
Microsoft-owned site specifically for online gamers. From the Games channel
you have access to all of’s single-player and multi-player online
games, including puzzle games, word games, casino games, and card games.
There are also games just for younger players, as well as multi-player links for
commercial CD-ROM games, such as Age of Empires and Flight Simulator. was formerly known as the Gaming Zone.

10. Health
MSN’s Health channel ( is powered by WebMD, the Internet’s
largest site for medical advice and information. From MSN Health you have
access to a vast library of medical and healthcare information, including information
about specific drugs and herbs, pregnancy, diet and nutrition, and more.

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