All In One Web 2.0

There are a lot of web 2.0 sharing on the Internet and grow everyday. YouTube is leading video sharing site. Digg and delicious as the most popular social bookmarking. Blogger as biggest free blogging system. All of theem is big web site, but only offer one services. YouTube only offer video sharing, Digg only offer social boomarking, and only offer free blog. How about if you can sharing video, boomarking your favorite sites, and having free blog only with one account ? is web site that offering video sharing, social bookmarking, free blog, and you can even create a survey. If you sign up on Thoughts you can get all of them only with one account. Registration is free and you will free blog with unlimited space and bandwidth. When you create blog your blog post will be displayed through the site and the community can easily find them. You can even create Poadcast, upload photos and videos.

When you sign up on Thoughts you will get own URL under and your blog will be under, so you will more easier to access your page.

Thoughts having rating system that allow their member to rate blog posts, photos, podcast and video blogs. Most active members with high average user ratings will have change to win great price every year. So what you waiting for, join Thouhgts.

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